Jasmine Hair Treatment

Jasmine Hair Treatment

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Our Jasmine Oil Hair treatment is formulated with natural oils that stimulate hair growth, prevents breakage, dandruff and hair loss. This treatment can be used weekly or bi weekly depending on your hair growth needs.

Use:  For overnight hair treatment; Section your hair into 4 (8-10 for thicker hair) then apply oil spray generously to the scalp of each section. Next apply less oil to the ends of your hair. Braid or tie your hair comfortably, then wrap your hair to prevent oil stains on pillows/clothes. Wash the treatment out the next morning with shampoo and follow up with conditioner. You'll need to use shampoo to break down the castor oil in your hair. Don't have time? Try a quick 15-30min heated treatment(no actual heat needed) by wrapping your hair with a plastic bag and rinses thoroughly with shampoo. 

Dry Treatment; After washing hair, you can apply small amounts of oil to your scalp and ends. This oil is heavy so you don't want to use too much when styling your hair. You can also apply it to your braids weekly or bi weekly to continue the benefits.

Ingredients: Jamaican castor oil, Indian Amla oil, Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Almond oil, and Jasmine essential oil.

Castor oil works to moisturize your scalp, and leave your hair smooth and shinny. The fatty acid in Castor bean help fight inflammation and eases dandruff. Castor oil enhances the health of your hair follicles, promotes hair growth and can protect against hair loss. 

Amla oil is made from Indian gooseberry, it's used to stimulate hair growth, and prevent hair loss. It can be used on your scalp or face to strengthen and condition follicles down to the roots. Amla oil also helps reduce dandruff, and is beneficial for treating male pattern baldness, or alopecia. 

Argan oil, Jojoba oil and Almond oil are rich in vitamins and mineral that are beneficial for your hair, and reduce breakage.