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Handcrafted Soap Sweet Almond and Coconut - Whàwhá Cosmetics

Handcrafted Soap Sweet Almond and Coconut

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Sweet Almond and Coconut scent that's a hint of vanilla and coconut that gives you a light smell that's great for your face.

Works well for eczema, irritated dry skin, dark spots, and nourishment. Our unique formula contains, natural fats like shea butter, cocoa butter, hemp butter, coconut or almond oil and are made made with hemp soap and glycerin. 

Hemp soap is highly moisturizing with vitamin E, vitamin A, Omega 3 and Omega 6 these essential fatty acids soothe the skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants effective for promoting skin cell repair.

The main ingredients in this soap are hemp butter, cocoa butter and hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil comes from hemp seeds which are rich in healthy fatty acids that are all natural and extremely beneficial for your skin. 

No harmful chemicals are added and it’s good for all skin types. You can use it on your face because it’s a gentle hydrating cleanse. It’s also a wonderful anti-aging product.

Due to the wide variety of soap bars we offer the ingredients may vary, please read your label clearly before use. Please note we do not use preservatives in these bar soaps, so they wont last as long and need to be kept cool and out of direct water.

4 oz bars