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Vanilla Monmon Repairing Hair Mask

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We recommend using our hair mask once a week to promote healthy, strong and manageable hair. Hair masks are all about moisture! So our hair masks are great for retaining and providing moisture as well as repairing damaged hair shafts and promoting hair growth. After shampooing apply a generous amount to hair and comb through for even distribution. Rinse and style. For deeper conditioning apply hair mask and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse and style. This mask helps lock in moisture and repair damaged shafts. Shake well before every use. They are availble in the following scents;

Primrose Envy roses, and ylang ylang accompanied by other deliciously smelling oils to make this envious scent.

Vanilla MonMon has the distinct yummy smells of vanilla, almond and an undertone of pineapple and eucalyptus (made with 2 drops of fragrance oil per 4oz)

Sweet Almond and Coconut scent that's a hint of vanilla and coconut that gives you a light smell that's great for your face.

Lavender Melody has the luscious rose and lavender aromas that have a light undertone of chocolate, that's a great mellow scent that'll help you relax.

Rainforest Oasis(mint)  has hints of mint, tea tree, and coconut that transports your sense to the literal rain forest.

Due to the wide variety of hair masks we offer the ingredients may vary, please read your label clearly before use. Please note we do not use preservatives in this product.