Body Scrubs

Depending on your skin type you can choose one of the various body scrubs that we offer. If you have more sensitive skin I would recommend using our brown sugar scrub it also depends on the location of your body that you would like to exfoliate.

For example if you’re going to exfoliate your face you want to use a brown sugar scrub or a white sugar scrub. It’s a gentle scrub that can also be used for more sensitive skin like eczema or psoriasis brown sugar is also good for the removal of dark spots and scarring.

For anywhere else on your body I would recommend using the Dead Sea salt scrub or our Epsom salt they offers a more course exfoliation. The Dead Sea salt is good for upper body like hands, arms, shoulders, under your arms, and your belly. The Epsom salt scrubs are for the tougher jobs like removing dead skin from your feet. I don’t recommend using our salt scrubs on your face because of the coarseness of the exfoliation.  

Adding a body scrub to your daily routine involves relatively no work. You should only exfoliate your body up to four times a week and you can swap your body scrub for your regular soap or body wash. I enjoy using our natural soap bars after exfoliating, my favorite is the Holiday Delight Hemp soap. Salt scrubs help draw out toxins, improves circulation, reduces inflammation and leaves you with softer smoother glowing skin. 

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